Pool Hours

The pools are scheduled to open the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend.

Please remember the pools are for the enjoyment of all Shoal Creek Valley HOA residents and that these are not public pools, but private ones. Some people like to sit by the pool for relaxation, some use it to read or study, others enjoy the company of their neighbors, and the children use it to play and swim. Please be considerate of your neighbors at all times.

Thank you for your cooperation and wishing everyone a safe and enjoyable swim season

Gate House: Every day from 9am to 9pm
Park House Serenity Pool: Every day from 9am to 9pm

Water Park:
Thursday 3pm to 7pm (May 30th – August 15)
Friday: 3pm to 7pm, Saturday: 1pm to 8pm
Sunday: 1pm to 7pm

*Memorial Day, July 4th, and Labor Day: the water park will be open on these days between 1pm to 7pm.

Once the local school district begins school in August, the Water Park will be closed Monday through Friday, and will be open on Saturday and Sunday for “normal hours”.