Facility Reservation Form

Reservations can only be made by members of the HOA. Payment and signed Use Agreement must be received by HOA Management Company to complete the reservation process and hold your reservation.

Acceptable forms of payment are Check or Money Order made payable to: Shoal Creek Valley HOA or Pay Online.

  1. Select the facility you would like to reserve.
  2. Check the calendar below for availability.
  3. Select the date on the calendar that you want to book.
  4. After selecting the day, you’ll see what timeslots are available to book.
  5. If you wish to book multiple blocks, click each one you wish to book. You’ll see a list of dates and times appear under the calendar to confirm your selection.
  6. Fill in the remaining fields of the reservation form.
  7. Click the Send button to submit your reservation request.
  8. Once successful, please click here to print the Use Agreement.